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The Technomancer: “A Safe Haven – Niesha” Choices Guide

The Technomancer offers several quests where the player is forced to choose a single outcome from a variety of given choices. Each chosen outcome has its own impact on the storyline, and associated rewards or gains.

Quest: A Safe Haven – Niesha
Amelia’s hangar is the only way for you to escape the Exchange, and with it, the Abundance Army. In the Slums, you’ll finally clear the entrance to the hangar and then be pitted against Jeffrey and two heavy soldiers. Note that this is a boss fight and Jeffrey does critical damage with his rifle. Towards the end of the battle, Niesha will point her gun at Jeffrey; giving you two choices in the matter:

a) Intervene
Gain: +2 Karma, Jeffrey’s Helmet
Loss: None

b) Encourage
Gain: Jeffrey’s Helmet
Loss: -1 Karma, -1 Reputation with Abundance Army, -1 Reputation with Amelia

It’s possible that choosing to encourage Niesha into killing him dampen your prospects into having a relationship with Amelia. She will become upset over how trigger-happy Niesha is, and your decision to push her down that road.

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The Technomancer is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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