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The McDonald’s Chain Could Soon Be Turned Into Pokémon Go Gyms

Niantic Labs’ boss John Hanke has previously teased about Pokémon Go creating “sponsored locations” as part of a partnership program that will create new opportunities for the game to generate revenue. While more information on that program is yet to be revealed, some Reddit members have gone ahead to dive inside the game’s code to unearth hidden gems.

The Android version of Pokémon Go apparently contains code lines that suggest that Nintendo will soon be announcing a promotional campaign with McDonald’s. All major outlets for the world’s largest burger chain will assumingly be turned into gyms.

That’s a scary thought. McDonald’s is usually crowded as it is; with the traction Pokémon Go has recently been getting, one can imagine just how many folks would invade their nearest McDonald’s outlet in order to unlock new Pokémon.

Furthermore, data mining the game also led to the discovery of several game mechanics that even though are present in the game, but have yet to be activated by Nintendo for players. These include Legendary Monsters, a trading system, four additional types of berries and incense, an item called “sweet honey,” and other traits that might be related to trainers or Pokémon themselves.

It’s up for speculation as to just how Legendary Monsters will work. That being said, it’s possible that the promotional campaign for McDonald’s will allow players to unlock at least one Legendary/Rare character.

Source: Gizmodo

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