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The 65-Foot TetherBoost Pro Has Your Long Distance Connections Covered

For the modern photographer and/or digital artist, using all the resources at their disposal is an absolute must to make their photos or digital artwork standout. Sometimes that means connecting your computer to your camera 24/7. The TetherBoost Pro is for just that purpose. It allows you to take your work with you to long distances away from your laptop or desktop and still function at top speed. Let’s take a look.

The TetherBoost Pro is a 65-foot long data cable from Tether Tools, a company that provides custom photography equipment based in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The TetherBoost Pro system seeks to provide fast data transmission speeds from your camera (DSLRs, digital backs etc.) to your laptop and back via USB 3.0 ports over a distance of 15 to 65 feet.

It aims to solve the problem of slow connection speeds or non tethering connections or even dropped connections that most photographers experience while working on their photoshoots and other projects. The problem arises due to the tendencies of laptop computers to power down the speed or dynamically alter the speed through a USB 3.0 port to save power. This results in a weak signal and lots of time wasted. Camera’s such as Canon, Nikon, Mamiya, Pentax and Phase One have had these problems before.

It’s often that photographers forget what their equipment is attached to or that it even exists because they feel that their cameras are an extension of their bodies. To them, clicking that button atop their cameras is heaven. So it’s easy in the moment to get lost in your work whether you’re taking a picture of a beautiful lake or a beautiful girl or a cute animal. You can drift further and further from your equipment until rudely awakened by a cord that can’t be pulled any longer or a slow data connection to your laptop.

The TetherBoost Pro has a built in system to intelligently manage speed and power, hence giving an overall better experience than an average data cable. There is a guarantee that there won’t be any dropped connections on this baby.

One more thing included in the TetherBoost Pro pack is the JerkStopper Extension Lock. This lock keeps cable ends from damage and disconnection as well as obvious electrical hazards. Multiple extension cables and TetherBoost Pro devices are included too to vary the distance that the who system can go to. The system also includes the TrueConnect LED light to allow people to monitor the signal strength between your camera and computer.

The Pro can operate without an external power supply. The included USB-D/C cable is optional for adding a USB external battery pack or an A/C adapter. This will reduce the strain on the camera and laptop battery, though not by so much that it is a must use product. The system also includes an automated lock system to prevent accidental unplugs of the cables called the JerkStopper.

The TetherBoost system will cost you $64.95. That’s almost a dollar a foot of cable. Other cables available include one measuring at 82 feet, and one measuring 16 feet.



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