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Team Fortress 2 Introduces Harsher Quitting Penalties in Competitive Mode

It was only recently that Team Fortress 2 received a major update which not only introduced plenty of new features but also gave birth to some nasty issues. Valve has now addressed those problems with a new patch over the weekend which additionally also brings about strictner penalties for players in the habit of quitting mid-games when their teams are losing in the competitive ladder.

The developer explained that the matchmaking system was previously slapping players with long queue timers based on the number of games abandoned over a specific period of time. With the new update, that timer is being extended and “serial abandoners” are going to be moved quickly to “really long ban times”. Furthermore, each game abandoned will strip the player off rank points. This is a harsh penalty since the number of points lost will be higher than what could normally be lost in a completed match.

Valve added that it is exploring further options to isolate abandoners from impacting the game in any major way. It has promised to share more details on these on a later date.

For the casual players, the abandon penalties have been removed from the Casual mode. This means that players can move in and out of games at their leisure, without any fear of repercussions.

Finally, Valve has introduced a kick-voting feature very similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As a failsafe against griefers, the kicked player will retain any XP earned during the match.

You can read the complete patch notes by heading over to the official website.

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