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RazerGo App Promises Better Social Interaction for Pokémon Go Players

Peripheral manufacturer Razer has announced a new mobile messaging app called RazerGo to help Pokémon Go players in their quest to catch ’em all.

According to the company, RazerGo is designed to work “seamlessly” with Pokémon Go on both iOS and Android platforms. The third-party app features chat rooms for players to interact in, team colors to distinguish individuals, and the mighty important ability to drop “beacons” on the map. Once a beacon is dropped by a player, a new chat room is unlocked for other RazerGo users to join and coordinate the hunt.

There’s support for various chat modes, and you can send messages publicly, privately, or just to a specific team. Furthermore, the RazerGo app comes equipped with a local mode where other RazerGo users are lit up on the map in a three mile radius. There’s a also a regional option that expands that net to a 60-mile radius. You can tap on any RazerGo individual in your vicinity for a chat.

Note that Razer is not affiliated with Niantic Labs and Nintendo. The third-party app has been created without the consent of the original developer and publisher; hence, any bad experience should be directed towards Razer only.

The web version of the app is scheduled to go live tonight for both iOS and Android.

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