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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Skull Rain Brings New Operators Next Week

Operation Skull Rain is the next expansion pack for Rainbow Six Siege which will be released on August 2, Ubisoft has confirmed.

The Brazilian themed DLC is going to introduce a new free map to everyone, set in an overcrowded Brazilian favela. Additionally, two new Operators are also going to make the cut: Capitão and Caveira. These two, however, are not going to be free and can be unlocked through either Renown (in-game currency) or real world money.

Capitão (Attacker) is said to be fitted with a Crossbow that can fire special bolts to burn oxygen in a small area. As the level of oxygen depletes, enemy players within the vicinity will find it hard to breathe. Caveira (Defender) on the other hand is said to excel in sneaking, allowing her to get real close to targets without them even realizing.

There’s also a new Angled Grip weapon attachment that is going to help players transition from hip-fire to aiming down the sight in quick-time. Furthermore, the DLC will bring a new surrender mechanic where players can vote to end games quicker in Ranked play. Specific requirements to be able to surrender, such as time played or conditions, have not been shared for now.

Ubisoft has also revealed that there is a new Tactical Realism custom game mode in the works which is going to accompany the new DLC. This mode is designer for players who relish realism; removing the HUD, removing kill confirmations, removing pings and more. Players will have to communicate more than ever in order to win matches.

Operation Skull Rain is the third expansion pack for Rainbow Six Siege, following Operation Black Ice and Operation Dust Line.

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