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Rainbow Six Siege Introduces BattlEye, a New Cheating Countermeasure

Eight months into its release, Rainbow Six Siege has finally received a new robust anti-cheat system called BattlEye.

BattlEye is designed to run on the client-side and scan systems of any illegal third-party software that might be being injected into the game. According to Ubisoft, the new system is going to stop cheat-using players from even logging into the game.

“You can picture it operating like anti-virus, scanning your memory to detect known cheat signatures,” explained the developer.

As of Patch 3.4.1, the new cheating countermeasure has been installed on your PC system. Ubisoft has explained that it will only run in the background when a player executes the game. For those concerned about privacy and whether BattlEye will be gathering other information as well, the developer has assured that it’s not designed to “look through your personal files, personal details, or other such information.”

While in beta, Ubisoft is going to be using BattlEye over the next several weeks to scan every PC on which the game has been installed. The developer has stated that during this time no bans will be issued. Although, players will be kicked with a specific notification. Consider this as a preliminary testing run on large scale. However, once the system is in place, players found guilty of cheating will be handed bans accordingly.

Rainbow Six Siege now has two anti-cheat systems: FairFight (server-side) and BattlEye (client-side). Both are going to complement each other and make sure the playing field is clean. Ubisoft intends to further evolve its anti-cheat systems over time to counter any new hacks or cheats that might surface on the black market.

You can learn more about BattlEye by visiting its official website.

Rainbow Six Siege is going to receive its next premium expansion pack called Operation Skull Rain next week. The new DLC is going to bring two new operators: Capitão and Caveira. Capitão (Attacker) is said to be fitted with a Crossbow that can fire special bolts to burn oxygen in a small area. As the level of oxygen depletes, enemy players within the vicinity will find it hard to breathe. Caveira (Defender) on the other hand is said to excel in sneaking, allowing her to get real close to targets without them even realizing.

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