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Pokémon Go Has Generated $35 Million, Claims App Tracking Firm

The Pokémon Go app has so far been downloaded 30 million times and generated $35 million in revenue, claims a new report from app tracking firm Sensor Tower.

According to the report, iPhone owners in the United States are spending an average of $1.6 million every day. The report notes that the app is yet to release in Japan, a region which can only be termed as the homeland of the Pokémon franchise. If Nintendo is crunching massive numbers right now when the app is available in select territories, we can only imagine the results when Japanese fans come into play.

It was only last week when another report claimed that the Pokémon Go app had been downloaded 15 million times worldwide. The new game from Niantic Labs has doubled its user-base in only a single week.

The developer is being very cautious when it comes to releasing the app worldwide. It was initially released in United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Last week, it finally arrived in Europe. The delay was to address major server issues. Niantic Labs is making sure that every release sees to a stable experience. There’s no point to release the game worldwide and then witness all regional servers crash and burn due to the burden of the immense Pokémon fan-base.

The successful launch of Pokémon Go earlier this month resulted in a 25 increase in Nintendo’s shares. That in turn resulted in the biggest rise per share price in the company’s history since 1983. According to reports, Nintendo’s market value has since then soared to about $7.5 billion.

That being said, many analysts believe that the game’s success will burn out soon. As is the case with most mobile games, consumers just move on to the next big thing once their interest starts waning.

via VentureBeat

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