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Pokemon Go Peaks In The US, Is The Most Downloaded App In A Week Ever

Apple says that Pokemon Go has become the most downloaded app in its first week in history. That’s a major milestone. There haven’t been too many record breaking events in app news recently, except of course for most news surrounding Pokemon Go. There hasn’t been this much hype surrounding an app since the original Angry Birds. Nothing else even remotely close doesn’t come to mind.

You can’t play Pokemon Go worldwide yet. And it’s still the most downloaded app in its first week on the Apple app store. Some other highs it achieved are:

  1. Highest number of daily active users (25 million on iOS and Android)
  2. Doubled Nintendo’s market cap to $42.5 billion
  3. Revived a twenty year old franchise with a vengeance
  4. More popular search term than porn on Google
  5. $35 Million in in-app purchases

Nintendo only owned 30% of Niantic, the makers of the game and it’s stock price still rose to $265. And franchises that were tied indirectly to the game also made profits. For instance McDonald’s share prices surged 30%.

Pokemon Go peaked on July 14 in terms of daily active users
Pokemon Go peaked on July 14 in terms of daily active users, source: SurveyMonkey

However, the success of Pokemon Go may be short lived. Already, the game has peaked in terms of daily users in the US. And after reaching a market cap of over $40 billion, Nintendo’s stock declined by 12% the next day. The maximum number of downloads had peaked on opening day however, close to 6 million. It’s also less popular than porn on Google now. But that was bound to happen.

The Future of AR and VR Gamingpokemon-go-freemium-lead-100671212-gallery

None of that matters though since the game has confirmed the power of augmented reality. If game execs and users were ever unsure of what AR could do, this is the answer. Pokemon Go is a revelation. It proved to the world that AR could be a monster success. And that too at a time when Virtual Reality is heading for a revolution. VR needed a sign that people could be comfortable being sucked out of the real world. Granted that is the case with most games but this was on another level. And it happened. Users forgot where they were. People jumped off cliffs. They frequented hospitals. They went to Holocaust museums and graveyards. All to catch Pokemon.

Project Scorpio and PlayStation VR are just around the corner. If Pokemon Go is any indication, users will love entering worlds that are totally detached from reality.

Pokemon Go comes home to Japan

Mounti Fuji features Pokestops
Mounti Fuji features Pokestops

Pokemon Go has finally come home to Japan. The game was released in the land of the rising sun on 22nd July and it exploded. Gamers started frequenting the nearest McDonald’s or the Japan Post Office to catch Charmanders and Beedrills. As expected, servers crashed as the game racked up over 10 million downloads by Friday evening. The Japanese clearly own their franchise even after decades have passed .

Pokemon has been a manga and anime series in Japan since ’96 and ’98 respectively. It centers around Ash Ketchum, a ten year old who dreams of becoming “the very best” Pokemon Master. The franchise has endured for 20 years and has resulted in several animated movies, video games and a trading card game.



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