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Pokémon Go Dev Teases New Pokémon, Customization and Trading Features

There are several new features that are currently being considered for Pokémon Go, Niantic Labs has confirmed.

While hosting a Pokémon Go panel at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016, the developer revealed that it is exploring various options for its new craze-inducing game. In the future, players are going to get access to new Pokestop customization options, Pokémon Centers and Trading features.

The game currently holds only 142 Pokémon but Niantic Labs has teased that it is going to bring new Pokémon that will be beyond the first generation.

The developer didn’t specifically mention a release date or time-frame for the launch of these new features. However, it did reveal that Trading is currently in development and will soon enter the testing phase. As for Pokestop customization, players will be able to build an entire area and use various items to change the functionality of the Pokestop. This too is in development but from the developer’s statements, it seems like its release will only come after the launch of Trading. Pokémon Centers, though, is just an idea right now and Niantic is exploring ways of making it work.

Pokémon Go is now officially the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store, clocking more downloads in the first week than any other app in history. The game continues dominating the digital sphere and forcing players to get off their couches and start socializing in the real world.

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