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PlayStation VP Adam Boyes Parts Ways With Sony

Adam Boyes, PlayStation’s Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations has left the company to pursue his passion of game development. He commented that his decision was “super, super difficult” but his passion was calling and he couldn’t remain far from it for long.

Adam Boyes had worked in a lot of game companies before he landed a gig at PlayStation. He had worked in Midway Games, Electronic Arts, Next Level Games and Capcom. He even ran Beefy Media for two years which is a game producing and consulting company. So it makes sense that he would leave a company that doesn’t make games but consoles. Boyes worked at the Publisher and Developer Relations division that was responsible for making third party partnerships. But this wasn’t the only department that he had worked at in PlayStation. He had also been appointed at Portfolio Strategy, Financial Strategy, Partner Alliance, and Third Party Production.

He’s been working in the industry for 21 years now and he says that PlayStation is the longest job he’s ever had. But now it was time to move on. Sony did not comment as yet about how they would fill his position. But it will be hard to since he was the public face of Sony PlayStation in the past few years. He had announced major upcoming releases and initiatives at events like the Electronic Entertainment expo and had even poked fun at Microsoft (for their plans to hobble the used game market) in a video alongside Sony Worldwide Entertainment President Shuhei Yoshida.

Aside from that, Adam Boyes had spent the last several years promoting something that is making its official debut in October this year, the PlayStation VR headset. Touted to be the future of gaming as we know it, the VR tech is making an entrance in to all our lives via gadgets like the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift, the Google Cardboard and the Google Daydream and the upcoming Project Scorpio for Xbox One and HoloLens; both from Microsoft. More immersive games and work environments will follow in the years to come and Boyes understood that. It’s interesting to note that since he had developed games in the past he looked at this, not from the point of view as an executive but a game maker. And to the latter the possibilities would be endless while the former would only hear the ring of a cash register. With that project done, Boyes probably thought he’d overstayed his welcome.

Boyes commented that it was cool getting to see games that came out before the public could and that he had loved working for PlayStation but the scent and allure of creativity was too hard to ignore. He said it was “pretty neat” to get to create stuff again after a long time. Boyes didn’t comment on what his final day would be, where he was headed or what games he wanted to work on in the future.



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