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PlayStation 4 Sells 43.5 Million Units to Retailers, Eying 60 Million by March 2017

Financial results for Sony’s first quarter of fiscal year 2016 have been made public, revealing PlayStation 4 to have played a major and vital role to offset decrement showcased by every other division that comes under the company’s corporate umbrella.

According to the results; Sony sold 3.5 million PlayStation 4 units to retailers between the months of April and June, a figure this is actually 0.5 million units higher when compared with the same period of last year. This has helped bring the total number of shipments to 43.5 million units, as of June 2016.

Talks about the PlayStation 4 market finally saturating seem illegitimate, as the demand for the console is only increasing with time. Do note that the figures relate to units shipped out directly to retailers, and do not stand for units bought by consumers.

Forecasting numbers for the remainder of its current fiscal year, Sony announced that it was on track to sell 60 million PlayStation 4 units by March 2017. This puts the company on a golden pedestal to ship out 20 million additional console units in the next eight months.

That seems pretty doable when considering that PlayStation 4 has a lot in store for its consumers in the coming months. No Man’s Sky is scheduled to be released in three weeks, followed by the Japanese release of Persona 5 in September, and The Last Guardian in October. Let’s not forget that PlayStation VR is also primed to launch around October which will further help sell console units. PlayStation Neo is also rumored to arrive later this fall; Sony is surely going to enjoy this holiday season.

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