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PlayStation 4 Crosses 3 Million Units Sold in Japan

PlayStation 4 managed to move 22,717 units last week in Japan, bringing its lifetime sales in the region over the 3 million barrier.

According to sales figures tallied by Media Create, the console has been regularly selling around 20,000 units on a weekly basis; 23,679 units sold in the week prior to July 4. With the new figures, the PlayStation 4 is just inches away from crossing the Wii U, which has so far sold just over 3.2 million units in the region.

It’s been well over two years since Sony’s current flagship console was launched in Japan. The initial reception was amazing for Sony, managing to sell 322,083 consoles in only the first two days. However, the graph took a dip in the weeks to follow, a trend that many blame on the weak launch titles from the company. There just wasn’t enough content to attract the Japanese consumer-base. Games targeting the specific region, as well as major AAA titles, followed up at a later date to finally help tilt the graph in favor of Sony.

PlayStation 4 is, at the moment, comfortably over 40 million units sold worldwide. While it may have taken over two years to reach 3 million units sold in Japan, the United Kingdom reached the same threshold earlier this year.

Rival Microsoft on the other hand continues to witness depressing sales in Japan. The Xbox One has so far sold just over 67,000 units in the region since its launch in September 2014. Compared to the 22,717 sales of PlayStation 4 in the last week, only 72 Xbox One units were sold to customers during this same period. The console seemingly died in Japan a long time back, and Microsoft looks to have given up just the same.

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