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Here’s How You Can Access DOOM’s Premium DLC Without Paying

The recent DOOM reboot is all set to receive its first premium downloadable content pack, but there’s a way for you to access the new content without paying.

As is usually the case, an onslaught of premium DLC can easily divide the multiplayer community. It’s natural for server administrators to move on to the new premium content, making it incredibly problematic for players without the DLC to continue playing in their favorite servers. Even worse, a party of friends must all purchase the new DLC in order to continue playing together.

To curb this issue, Id Software is introducing a new feature called PartyPlay. Through this, players can access all the content in the upcoming paid DLC packs without paying a cent. How it works is that a single person in your group needs to own the DLC. DOOM will let you and your friends play the new DLC maps for free, as long as one party member owns the premium content. This will ensure that your group of friends does not split and continue playing together to raise a new hell.

DOOM: Unto the Evil is scheduled for a release on August 5 and is going to bring three new multiplayer maps, a new demon called the Harvester, a new weapon called the EMG Mark V pistol, a new piece of equipment called the Kinetic Mine, new armor and hack modules, and more.

DOOM is going to receive a major free update today that will introduce two new multiplayer modes called Exodus and Sector, changes to the SnapMap editor, a new playable demon called the Mancubus, and “a laundry list of improvements to the Community HUB, editor and logic capabilities.”

Additionally, DOOM will host its first-ever Double XP event this entire weekend; from July 29 at 12 PM ET until August 1 at 12 PM.

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