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Google Search Will Offer State Specific Voter Guides Ahead of the 2016 Election

Voting is seriously out of date all over the world. It should be incredibly easy to register your vote, as easy as 1-2-3. And Google is going to make sure it is. This US Election, Google is going to be rolling help on how to register. In fact, this Monday, July 18th, Google Search is going to put up State Specific Guidelines to do so.

Starting on Monday, we’re introducing a new tool in Search to simplify the voter registration process to make it easier for you to have your voice heard.


When you type in “register to vote” or anything like that in to Google Search from July 18th onwards you’ll be given the details for registration, the eligibility criteria and the deadline for your State. What prompted this move was the increase in queries on how to vote and how to register as the elections draw nearer. This time a lot of new blood is heading to the voting booths due to the fact that it’s been such a divisive election and also because Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders has drawn out so much youth in droves to play their part. He’s made voting cool again, even if he’s not in the race anymore. Hence, Susan Cadrecha, communications manager for Google, reports that the company decided to play their part in what promises to be a riveting election.

Not only that, Google is also introducing Search tools for the upcoming Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention. If users look either of them up in the Google App, they’ll be show event details, summaries, a full list of speakers and information on the party’s presidential nominee. You’ll also be able to see relevant social media posts about the conventions and footage posted on YouTube.

Google’s Reach Is Penetrating Our Entire Lives In The Truest Sense

You can say this about almost any big tech company including Facebook, Apple, Microsoft etc. But Google is a company that’s actively doing literally all it can to be with you at all times. Let us count the ways. It’s trying its hand at self-driving cars, something that’s a long way off but will probably bear fruit in the future. And who won’t want one of those? Google has also expanded in to providing faster internet to the world. It has bought small Internet Service Providers in at least six cities in the US and augmented their connections to make providers like Comcast either lower their rates or increase their speeds. And it worked.

Google has also used hot air balloons to provide Wifi to third world nations, laid a 9000 mile long, 60 Terabit per second, Trans-Pacific cable between the US and Japan and made it possible to roam internationally in 135 countries using a special SIM card that switches between four major global cellular carriers. They’re EVERYWHERE.

And while other companies are catching up, Google already has Maps and Search in its pocket. Google is silently taking over everything, it might just be the ecosystem that wins.



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