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Google Is Mixing Augmented and Virtual Reality in Next Headset

Augmented reality has been a clear hit with Pokemon Go and the public is lining up in droves to sign up for the app. It’s only a matter of time until other companies try this trend. And one of those is surely Google. This company has its hands in more pies than there are pies. The pies being potential game changers. Engadget has reported that Google is working on a headset that mixes augmented and virtual reality.

After plans surfaced that Google had scrapped its Oculus Rift competitor, the news immediately came to the front that it was instead focusing on a headset with a mix of AR and VR. The headset won’t require a computer or a mobile device to function and will have limited software that is specifically focused on building environments. Data and games will probably be downloaded on to it with built in wireless capability.

Furthermore, in February of this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google had been working on a standalone VR system. This could be the mixed reality helmet. The Journal also mentioned that the device would have outward facing cameras and a Movidius chip that would track the motion of a user’s head.

Google has already ventured in to VR territory by unveiling Project Daydream this year. It was an Android based follow up to Google Cardboard that allowed users to experience an interface completely within a headset. It was different from Microsoft’s HoloLens that simply pasted certain menus and windows on spaces in the home.

With so many headsets in the works for gaming, specially Project Scorpio from Xbox releasing next year and PlayStation VR from Sony coming out this October, the competition is heating up. Though it’s unlikely that this will amount to a lot of the same play as Pokemon Go. Wearing a device on one’s head to look around and walk around simultaneously hasn’t been the most popular. It was called Google Glass remember?

Nevertheless, the experiment to bring this tech to the world has finally gathered steam and my guess is we’ll see the planned VR sets from Sony and Microsoft that concentrate on gaming in the home or at least in one place find a lot of success. Augmented reality though, will take a while to perfect. Don’t believe me? Google these three words, Pokemon Go accidents.

Virtual Reality Is The Last Nail In The Coffin Of Reality

People are already so detached from reality that it doesn’t take more than a blast from the past;a tv show or a movie or even a book series, to drag them in to a world that they would rather inhabit than the real one. Virtual reality will be the last straw. It’ll introduce us to a very likely and imaginable Matrix like scenario that’ll probably leave us to become potatoes like the ones that were shown in the film WALL-E, only we probably won’t be in space by then. It’s always futile to stand in the way of technology but at the same time caution isn’t something we should do without.



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