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Founder Of World’s Largest BitTorrent Distribution Site Arrested

Artem Vaulin, the alleged founder of Kickass Torrents, the largest BitTorrent distribution site has been arrested in Poland by the US Department of Justice. The site has also been taken down and is currently unavailable on the internet. It is estimated that Artem Vaulin illegally distributed about $1 billion worth of copyrighted materials. This was extracted from a comment made by Assistant Attorney General Caldwell. Vaulin is charged with two counts of conspiracy; one to commit criminal copyright infringement and the other to commit money laundering. KAT-copy-640x325

Artem Vaulin, 30 year old Ukrainian, was arrested in Poland on Wednesday and the U.S. Department of Justice is currently in the process of extraditing him to the United States. Whenever Kickass torrents was approached about its copyright violations they would answer that they were not violating the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Furthermore when Hollywood raised an outcry against this they replied with the most complex and convoluted reasons that they didn’t plagiarize anyone.:

Your request has been reviewed, but cannot be processed due to one (or
more) of the following reasons:
1) The Claim wasn’t written in English language;
2) You provided no evidence showing that you are the copyright holder
or that you are acting on behalf of the copyright holder;
3) You provided no evidence showing that the content is legally
4) There were more then [sic] 30 torrents mentioned in the Claim email;
5) Your content is hosted on a different website.
Please, make sure to fulfill all the conditions mentioned above before
sending a claim.
You can find more detailed information regarding the DMCA email
layout via the following article – https://kat.cr/dmca/

-KAT team

Artem Vaulin’s been running from the feds for a long time and he finally got caught. He relied on servers all around the world to provide services to his clients and has been on the run, setting up shop anywhere he could find before the cops knocked on his door. katcomplaint

The talk to ban or remove torrents from the web has been a long one. Bills have almost been passed in the US and domains of thepiratebay and isohunt have repeatedly been seized, however this hasn’t made a dent since replacement sites are usually up in around 24 hours. Artists, actors and singers don’t benefit from this infact it’s the complete opposite. People who have made films and television series and songs their entire lives certainly don’t appreciate you taking their work for granted, so why would they appreciate you stealing their work for your own amusement? megaupload-logo-617x416

And the effect is global, there’s no doubt about that. The kickass torrent site was active in more than 28 languages and had a total net worth of $54 million. That isn’t pocket change and it means that a significant portion of the original work artists do around the world is robbed by torrent websites. Even sites like Megaupload that was taken down years ago in 2011, were said to be taking $500 million in revenue from artists each year. Megaupload is currently fighting extradition to the United States and is said to be making a comeback with a new domain in 2017.



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