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Civilization VI Confirmed to Release With DirectX 12 Support

Civilization VI, the new upcoming installment in the turn-based strategy series, has been confirmed to release with full support for DirectX 12, Asynchronous Compute and Explicit Multi-Adapter features.

Semiconductor company AMD is working closely with developer Firaxis Games on the aforementioned features, promising to overhaul the game’s engine to help raise the Civilization franchise in terms of both visual fidelity and gameplay.

Steve Meyer, Director of Software Development, teased Civilization VI to offer a “landmark experience” for fans. In a press release, he praised AMD as a “premiere contributor” to the Civilization brand. The red team is known to offer technological support for the franchise. In the past, AMD brought support for DirectX 11 to Civilization V and integrated its Mantle API into the recently released Civilization: Beyond Earth installment.

Civilization VI is set to introduce new technological and cultural trees, as well as several new leaders who all will be bringing their own agendas to the table. Players will now be able to expand their cities farther than ever before, interact with other civilizations with new diplomatic routines, take control of new combat mechanics, and enjoy an enhanced multiplayer component with your friends.

Civilization VI is scheduled for a worldwide release on October 21. It will come with its own built-in benchmark tool, allowing PC enthusiasts to test the performance rate of their systems.

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