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Capcom Missed an Opportunity With Street Fighter V: Capcom Pro Tour DLC

Over the weekend, Capcom took advantage of EVO 2016 to announce a new add-on for Street Fighter V called Capcom Pro Tour DLC.

Priced at $25, the “Premier Package” includes a new Ring of Destiny stage, 22 new color templates and titles for characters as well as a new costume for Chun-Li, Cammy, and a “mystery character.”

The announcement didn’t go quite well with the community which criticized the developer for pushing an overpriced DLC. This backlash was despite the fact that Capcom also announced “a portion” of all proceeds to go to the Capcom Cup 2016 prize pool.

While Capcom was looking towards a community funding for its eSports division, it somehow assumed that many have forgiven/forgotten the bare launch of Street Fighter V earlier this year. The game was launched without many core features and accompanied by an underwhelming story mode. The lack of content caused many to call out Capcom to justify the full price point of the game.

In Capcom’s defence, the developer has since then released several new updates, the most recent one coming earlier this month, adding new content to the game. The story mode has been bettered, but an Arcade mode still remains in the wind. However, the road to redemption is a long one and this was not the time to release an overpriced DLC.

Capcom missed a valuable opportunity to take advantage of the EVO 2016 craze and announce the DLC for free. It would have gotten a much better reception and further amended ties with the community. Instead, Capcom went a step beyond and made it known to everyone that it has issues when it comes to DLC pricing.

Breaking down the $25 DLC; the Ring of Destiny stage alone costs $9.99, while each costume is for $5.99. That is incredibly high! Do consider that Street Fighter V is already facing a backlash for a lack of content. In such a scenario, throwing a $9.99 stage at the same players is naturally going to cause a lot of anger.

The Capcom Pro Tour DLC is available for a limited time only. It will be removed from the store at the end of November, just before the start of the Capcom Cup 2016. There’s almost subliminal text here, asking players to consider spending cash for the exclusivity tag only.

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