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How To Bot Your Way Through Pokemon Go Using NecroBot

Pokemon Go is one of the greatest games in the history of gaming. But one thing that users note is that it’s a lot of exercise. Though it’s actually a good thing for you to get off your ass, it might get a little tiresome just running around all day. Thank God for botting then. You can use NecronomiconCoding’s NecroBot to zoom through the game and save time on those annoying walks. You should know though that Botting is an offense. Pokemon Go’s terms of service strictly forbid it. Any account with evidence of botting will be banned. That being said, there are a few tricks that can help you bot through it anyway.

First go and download the latest file hosted on gitHub. Extract the file and then follow these instructions. First find the file labeled “PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe.config”. Scan through and come to line 23. If you use a Google account to login to Pokemon Go, change the value to “Google”. If you’re a Pokemon Trainer Club member, change the value to “Ptc”. Next go to line 26 and change the value to your PTC username. Change the value in line 29 with your PTC password. If you have a Google account you can skip that step.necrobot

Then change the value of line 32 to the latitude of your desired location. And change the value of line 35 to the longitude of your desired location. That’s it. Now run the file named “PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.eve”. That’s all you need to do to let your Pokemon Go account level up. There are a few guidelines though.

Of course you’ll need to switch locations from time to time and you’ll need to repeat the latitude, longitude step. To make it seem less bot and more human, wait a realistic amount of time before switching locations. This depends on how much time it takes to get from your location to the other. You’ll probably have to wait no longer than 12 hours.

To be safe, run this bot on a secondary account. Bots are never one hundred percent foolproof. Companies catch them sooner or later somehow.

The Benefits and Drawbacks

Pokemon Go is a great game to play. It’s intuitive and interactive and gives you tons of excitement. That is up until level 20. After that the excitement dies down. You are mainly reduced to waiting and searching for eggs and filling up the gaps in your Pokedex. Forbes calls it the game’s “biggest flaw”. So bots can help you slog through that tiring wait. Also in favour of botting is the all the accidents you avoid. Pokemon Go has resulted in people jumping off cliffs for God’s sake. In this case it’s better that you sit at home than risk your life playing a game.

However, the app has encouraged social interaction. There are statements that people are overcoming social anxiety and shyness. Circles where gamers are meeting have helped reverse the effect that computers have had on people: isolation. So in this respect you really shouldn’t miss out. If a game can bring us closer together then it deserves to be played to its full.



  1. Well, if you are looking to bot guys, do consider that Niantic does not have a history of taking this lightly. Do read up on Ingress permabans.


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