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BitTorrent Now Makes Its Way to iOS and Apple TV

BitTorrent has launched its BitTorrent Now app on iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Apple TV. It offers content from the digital media creators it is partnered with. These include digital animation shorts, music videos and books. The peer-to-peer service had already launched the app on Android in June.

It was never going to be easy for BitTorrent Now to make a name for itself as a legal business, but now it has. All content on it is now either paid, free or ad supported. And it has abandoned the peer-to-peer platform. All content is now streamed to users through BitTorrent’s own servers. It was always questionably legal at best for peer-to-peer services to function. But a million website take downs and several legal battles later, the format is still popular and only getting more so. 95% of music downloaded online is illegal and 42% of software running in the world has been downloaded illegally and the music industry loses $12.5 billion in revenue due to illegal downloads. Nevertheless, torrents are here to stay.

BitTorrent Now’s entry in to Apple territory proves that it has succeeded in making itself into a legitimate business more than anything. I mean Android accepting it was cool and all but their OS is open source and allows installation of third party apps. Apple’s the holy grail of if-you-want-it-pay-for-it. Now there’s no question that BitTorrent has made it big.

BitTorrent Now allows users to access their library of digital music and other content like animation shorts and music videos made by their partners such as Super Deluxe, iHeartComix and the Onion. All three are digital content creators and specialize in the cool indie stuff that the Apple hipster crowd would just love. In fact that is what BitTorrent Now is, a portal for artists to share their creations and earn.

BitTorrent Now’s Bundle format allows creators to have great control over their content including where it is shared and who can see it. They can make users login to see content and pay or settle for ad supported content. BitTorrent is now calling itself a “an artist-first, people-powered platform, focused on creativity and community rather than abundance”.

BitTorrent, the parent company of the application that runs the peer-to-peer software, still has around 30 million concurrent users per day.

Apple TV In The Race For Streaming Supremacy

Apple TV is selling pretty well, especially with the hardware refresh and the upcoming software refresh but it’s still fourth in the US in terms of devices owned behind Roku, Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV. The price makes a big difference too. Apple TV starts at $149 for the 32 GB version and Chromecast works for $35; the Roku is even cheaper ($124.95) and it’s no.1! Apple is rolling out a few changes such as a new show called Planet of the Apps to maybe boost popularity of the device. But it has to do more to claim the crown.



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