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Xbox Live Receives Clubs, LFG, and Arena Functionalities

Important updates are being prepared to release for Xbox Live this year, announced Microsoft during its E3 2016 press conference.

The company’s online gaming platform is going to receive a series of new features and functionalities, some of which have been highly requested by its consumer-base ever since the launch of Xbox One.

The first is the inclusion of Clubs, another way for users to interact online by following their favorite games or other interests. Additionally, Xbox Live will be bringing a “Looking for Group” feature to help users seek our new players for a game. This is your basic dungeon finder that we use in several MMO games to form groups for quests, raids, and dungeons.

Microsoft will be adding language region independence, meaning that players can choose their native language regardless of what region they reside in. Background music was also confirmed to arrive this year; Xbox users are finally going to be able to create their playlists and listen to them in the background as they play their games.

Finally, there’s Arena, a new tournament platform that is going to cover everything from registrations to spectating and eSports news. Smite and World of Tanks are already confirmed to be enrolled in this new platform, with many other games to follow. EA Sports, specifically, is very interested in the platform and will be bringing its games over in the coming years, including the FIFA franchise.

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