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Xbox Design Lab Allows You to Personalize Your Xbox Wireless Controller

Microsoft announced a new Xbox Design Lab program during its E3 2016 press conference, which is going to allow users to design their own Xbox one wireless controllers.

The customization process is deep enough to allow users to designate colors for every part of the controller, including the triggers, D-Pad, and even the insides of the transparent buttons. According to Microsoft there are around eight million possible color combinations; hence, ensuring that every user can attain a unique controller.

Additionally, Xbox Design Lab will also allow you to personalize your controller by laser engraving your gamertag in the middle. At the moment it’s uncertain whether the engraving is restricted to your gamertag only or if users can opt to put in their real names, or even the name of their favorite game character.

You design it. We build it. With Xbox Design Lab, the next Xbox wireless controller is truly in your hands.

Each personalized Xbox wireless controller is going to set you back $79.99, while the laser engraving is optional at an extra $9.99. Note that these controllers will be the newer iterations that Microsoft just announced. This means that you’ll have a few improvements over the previously standard Xbox One controller, such as Bluetooth for better range.

Xbox Design Lab will begin shipping in September. For now you can visit its portal (when it opens later today) and start designing your versions.

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