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We Happy Few Gameplay Trailer Breaks an Unlikely Pinata

At Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference, Compulsion Games took stage to release a new gameplay trailer for We Happy Few. Showcasing the opening section of the game, the trailer made it evident that the BioShock-esque-style setting deserves our attention.

We Happy Few has got to be one of the most weirdest games out there. The storyline is essentially crafted to portray normality, while hiding an extremely disturbing secret. The moment of shock arrives when you finally discover the truth of the matter, and what lies you’ve been fed throughout.

Set in an alternative 1960s Britain, the citizens are all addicted to a happy drug which changes the perception to their surroundings — feeding lies about how everything is normal. Our lead character accidentally discovers the truth and what the world actually looks without the drug. He sets out to correct this mess, but first he must escape the prison they themselves have made.

We Happy Few is going to arrive to the Xbox One Preview program on July 26. The developer confirmed that the game is in development for Windows 10 PC as well. We’re likely to receive more information about the game and its creepy world once we approach closer to launch date.

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