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Watch Dogs 2 Releases in November, Features New Protagonist and Setting

Rather than use the opportunity of its E3 2016 press conference to officially announce Watch Dogs 2, Ubisoft has instead opted for a world premier scheduled for tomorrow. The wait until the world premier has witnessed plenty of information leaking beforehand. Here’s what we’ve amassed so far:

Watch Dogs 2 is going to feature an entirely new protagonist. We’re not sure what happened to Aiden Pearce, but it seems like from here on, each new Watch Dogs installment will come with its own protagonist and storyline. Based on a month-old leak from a motion capture artist, the yet-to-be named lead character for the sequel looks very different to Pearce. That’s good, since Pearce was one without any sort of personality or charisma. Hopefully that will change this year.

Watch Dogs 2 is going to take place in San Francisco, offering a sizable open world for players to explore and investigate. In comparison to the Chicago setting from the first game, the world this time around is on a much larger scale. The new setting is also going to be more livelier; thus, drawing immense power from the current-generation consoles. Perhaps that is why Watch Dogs 2 will not be releasing for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

According to reports, Watch Dogs 2 is going to officially release on November 15. A new speculation is suggesting that Ubisoft has opted for a new formula where the company will alternate between Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed games each year. This will give the developers two years each to form their respective games.

Once Ubisoft is done with its Watch Dogs 2 reveal event tomorrow, it will look forward to its E3 2016 briefing on Monday, June 13. Make sure to free up your schedule for next week, since there are going to be a lot of announcements and trailers to go through.

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