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Warcraft Launches in China With Record-Breaking Results

While critics and reviewers continue to bring their wrath on Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie adaptation, the movie has launched in China with record-breaking results.

According to reports, the movie’s opening day in the country grossed over $46 million and is all primed to crunch even higher numbers in the days to come. The epic fantasy movie adaption has now surpassed the opening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which raked in just $33 million on day-one in comparison.

The number of accolades don’t just stop there, Warcraft is also reported to be the biggest non-weekend launch in Chinese box office history. This record was previously kept by Avengers: Age of Ultron. According to Variety, Warcraft may well end up earning up to $150 in the first five days of its release in China.

Warcraft has been out for several weeks now but is still yet to hit theaters in the US. During this time, the movie graced cinemas in a number of foreign territories and raked as much as $121 million in the process. That being said, it is not expected to do well when it does release in the US this weekend. Based on speculation, the movie is expected to pull in $25 million in the first three days.

The Warcraft movie has had a strange reception. The average user has found it to be good/decent (nothing great), but reviewers on the other hand have been bashing it into the ground. Perhaps the love here is based on nostalgia and how it excites viewers to see their beloved World of Warcraft materializes on the silver screen.

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