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Ubisoft’s The Division Movie Stars Jake Gyllenhaal

Ubisoft is already working to bring Tom Clancy’s The Division to the silver screen. According to a report by Variety, much of the preliminary work has been finalized for a movie adaptation of the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic game.

Without writers and directors, it’s doubtful that the project will begin shooting anytime soon. However, Hollywood celebrity Jake Gyllenhaal has been confirmed as the main star, as well as the lead producer. More information is scarce at this point, but we suspect rumors and leaks to trickle in as we go through this blazing summer.

Is it really that surprising to know Ubisoft is planning a movie on The Division? The online third-person shooter raked in a massive $330 million in revenue during its first five days of launch. According to Ubisoft, sales tallied from the launch-day alone qualifies the game as the best-selling new video game IP in the company’s history.

Another perspective to judge the game’s popularity and ever-growing user-base, The Division is about to hit 10 million registered users. This doesn’t necessarily mean that each of them are unique users, as there can be multiple accounts in a single household. Nonetheless, the figures do speak volumes about the game’s reception.

All that said, The Division movie is still yet to be officially confirmed. According to rumors, the publisher is looking to include more big-name actors to beef up the project. Additionally, it still has to pitch the movie idea once it has filled all the necessary blanks.

This wouldn’t be the first time for Jake Gyllenhaal to be part of an Ubisoft property. The actor has previously starred in Prince of Persia, which may have disappointed a lot of viewers, but was pretty alright in my personal books.

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