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Titanfall 2 Launches Three Weeks From Battlefield 1: EA

Electronic Arts will be releasing two massive hitters later this year: Battlefield 1, which plans to take us back to the World War era, and Titanfall 2, the much anticipated sequel to the 2014-original. While we already have a concrete release date for the former, the publisher is yet to reveal any release date for the latter.

Now, Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen has offered a tentative release window for Titanfall 2. Speaking during the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Technology Conference, he revealed that three weeks will all be that separate the release of Titanfall 2 from Battlefield 1.

We know that Battlefield 1 is scheduled for a worldwide launch on October 21. Hence, based on the information at hand, Titanfall 2 will either be releasing three weeks before or after that, creating a release window of September 30 – November 11.

Both games are going to be competing directly with the release of this year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare installment. According to Jorgensen, EA is “not uncomfortable” with the idea and will likely “come from both sides in the quarter” in that context. The publisher has gone on recorded this year, stating that the back-to-back releases of Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 will not cannibalize sales of one another, since both cater to an entirely different audience.

Activision’s Infinite Warfare is going to launch on November 4. It’s likely that EA will release Titanfall 2 after that; hence, giving its audience ample time to enjoy Battlefield 1, and allowing some of that Call of Duty hype to wane.

Information on Titanfall 2 is scarce at this point. We, however, will be learning much about it during EA Play 2016 in a couple of weeks. We do know that Titanfall 2 will be featuring a single-player campaign, and releasing across multiple platforms; in contrast to what took place with the first game.

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