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The Technomancer Romance Guide: Niesha, the Charming Spy

Neisha is another character in The Technomancer with whom the player can engage in a romantic relationship. Based on decisions made from the moment you meet with her in The Exchange, you could find yourself with a soulmate on Mars.

Neisha will enter the storyline of The Technomancer early on by giving you the “A Friend Under Pressure” quest. At the end of the first chapter where you’ll escape to Noctis, she’ll join your party as a companion. Romancing her will not only help unlock “The Spy Who Loved Me” achievement but also grant your group some nifty Rogue bonus traits.

  • When asked to help her friend Abbie in the Local Market, make sure to complete the quest in time as this is the first side-quest from Neisha that will better your relationship with her.
  • When prompted, choose to compliment her about her career choice and then proceed to ask about her life.
  • After reaching Noctis, talk to Neisha to start another side-quest. Make sure to ask her personal questions such as her choice in “Music,” the decision to become a “Spy,” and about “Being Alone.”
  • At the end of the side-quest in the Slums, make sure to intervene on her actions.
  • When prompted, choose to compliment her again.
  • In Noctis, speak with Niesha’s friend Gloria for another side-quest.
    • In contrast to the other characters, the only way to gain favorable relationship points with Niesha is to complete her side-quests. Her conversations are usually one-dimensional.
  • If you’ve successfully completed all her side-quests, then now is the time to head to your room at night. Niesha will make a surprise visit and help you raise the relationship status to “In Love” with the character.

The Technomancer is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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