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The Technomancer Romance Guide: Amelia Reacher, the Rover Pilot

Spiders has incorporated a few romantic ventures in The Technomancer. Depending on the choices you make upon meeting the character in question, you could be able to get some private time on the desolate red planet of Mars.

The Technomancer puts a relationship meter for each of your companions. Based on your actions, this can either grow in a healthy manner or drop enough to make them suspicious of your true intentions. Below are a few pointers that will help you gain extra relationship bonuses with Amelia and increase your chances to earn the achievement “A Clockwork Heart.”

If you’re just starting the game then don’t be too worried about your encounter with Amelia. She’s the driver of your Rover and will be enforced into the storyline by the game itself. You won’t have to go out of your way in search of her.

  • When riding with her in the Rover for the first time, choose “It’s exciting to be in the Rover” as the correct dialogue option.
  • Amelia has a side mission where she’ll ask you to look into her father’s death. This will be promoted right after the Excavation mission and will be the starting point of your relationship with her.
    • Simply follow the mission prompts; visit Dr. Scott, grab the requested notes from the back, return and tell Amelia the news. Then visit Dr. Scott’s ex-wife and finish the quest with ease. Return and talk to Amelia once more for a boost to your relationship with her.
  • During a later conversation, choose to compliment her.
  • During a drive in the Rover, choose to apologize to Amelia.
  • Leave Ophir with her as a companion; within the “Private Maters” dialogue prompt, choose to ask about “Romantic Relationships” and her “Interests.” Whatever you do, refrain from asking about her “Childhood” or else you’ll deduct -3 points from your relationship meter.
  • When asked about repairs for the Rover, give Amelia 100 Serum.
  • When asked again to find details about her faither, head to the Ophir Archives to complete the quest and gain another +3 to your relationship.
  • Choose to talk “Personal Matters” with her afterwards and compliment her. Mention her “Travels” and you’ll gain +4 in reltionship bonus points.
  • During the mission of finding her father’s Rover with her, make sure you have a high enough Charisma to convince her to not do the action.
  • The second part finding her father’s Rover quest is going to take you to the Captain. Wait out the timer until she completes her research and you’ll gain +3 relationship points.
  • Now all you have to do is head to your room at night and Amelia will arrive for a visit. Choose to stay in the relationship and your relationship status will be upgraded to “In Love” with Amelia.

The Technomancer is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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