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The Technomancer: “A New Great Master” Quest Guide

“A New Great Master” is the name of a quest that you’ll receive after saving your fellow Technomancers from The Technomancer Temple in The Exchange. It has a series of questions that you can either brute-force into answering or simply know in advance about the correct replies.

Upon speaking with Melvin Mancer, you’ll get the (optional) quest of speaking with each of the Technomancer Masters for their approval. There are four of them, and each has their own tests to figure out whether you’re deserving of the “Master” prefix.

The first Technomancer (from the left)
Answer to Question 1: The Moon
Answer to Question 2: 71%
Answer to Question 3: Yuri Gagarin
Answer to Question 4: Mariner 4

The second Technomancer (from the left)
He will simply ask you to upgrade his staff. Head for the nearby workbench and simply use the crafting prompt to upgrade the weapon. Note that you’ll require at least one point in Crafting to successfully upgrade the staff.

The third Technomancer (from the left)
She will want to test you in combat; a rather simple fight but make sure to not fall below 15 percent health. If you do, then she’ll come out victorious and you’ll have to challenge her to a duel again.

The fourth Technomancer (in the back)
Answer to Question 1: A doctor and his patient, the first Technomancer
Answer to Question 2: A cup filled with water
Answer to Question 3: To always protect the secret and try to find the Earth

The Technomancer was released yesterday and is now available for purchase on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game has so far received a rather mixed response, something that is becoming a signature for French studio Spiders.

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  1. Hi, i’m a little bit stuck on this side mission, have been for some days, i have managed to speak to the first 2 technomancers and battled the third. However its not letting me speak to the fourth? any reason as to why?


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