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Tencent Buys out “Clash of Clans” Developer Supercell for $8.6 Billion

The success of Finnish developer Supercell and its prized Clash of Clans mobile game has caught the eye of Tencent Holdings. The largest investment company from China has struck a deal worth $8.6 billion, through which Tencent has bought out a majority stake of 84.3 percent in the company from SoftBank Group Corp.

The sale is one of the world’s biggest ever gaming deals and will allow the Chinese behemoth to expand its reach overseas. As for Supercell, it now intends to push more aggressively into China’s online gaming market. With the strong backing of Tencent, the developer hopes to carve out a big enough niche for itself and its games in the region.

Clash of Clans is probably the biggest success story from the side of the Finnish developer. The studio reportedly earned $779.1 million last year, much thanks to microtransactions featured in its free-to-play games. Supercell is also responsible for Clash Royale, Boom Beach, and Hay Day. Clash of Clans, though, remains as its biggest earners.

Tencent has stated that the developer will maintain independence despite the purchase. Supercell is a relatively small studio with just under 200 hundred employees. Last year, it was valued at roughly $5.25 billion, which goes to show the power of a small group of individuals who worked hard and dreamed big.

In addition to the newly acquired Supercell, Tencent has stakes in numerous big-time foreign entities, such as Riot Games (League of Legends) and Epic Games.

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