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Street Fighter V’s Input Lag Under Investigation, Capcom Promises Better Communication

Capcom has finally come out of hiding, apologizing for its inability to timely communicate matters with the Street Fighter V community and promising to do much better in the days to come. In a new post on its official blog, the developer touched upon numerous aspects that have been troubling players in the past months.

Firstly, Capcom acknowledged reports about input lag plaguing the fighting game, stating that an investigation has already begun into the matter and more details will be shared with the community once obtained. It’s disappointing to see that the developer had to take this long to even acknowledge reports about input lag. At the very least, we’ll finally get a much needed comment on the annoying problem.

Secondly, Capcom provided an update on the rage quitting problem. Since the release of Street Fighter V, players discovered a loophole in the penalty system where they could just quit a losing match to maintain their winning streaks. While the quitters would not be penalized, they would also walk away by robbing certain victories from other players. This was frustrating, especially in ranked matches. According to the developer, its attempts at ridding the game of rage quitters has helped bring down the “amount of disconnecting players by roughly 60 percent”.

“While this is an improvement, it’s clear we still have a lot of work to do on this issue and you can expect us to roll out additional measures in the future to help address this problem,” the publisher added.

On the matter of communication, Capcom admitted that it has failed to live up to its fans’ expectations. We were not even aware that the Ibuki DLC was going to be delayed until it missed its release date. To make matters worse, the developer has stated that it sides with quality of timing; hence, there’s a chance that future DLC may also see to small delays.

“We’ll be the first to admit that we can improve our communication with the community, in terms of where our priorities lie around the game and status updates,” stated Capcom. “We plan to change that in the coming weeks and months and will work to quickly address topics that come up in the community as best we can.”

Capcom has seemingly shut itself inside a bunker, where it is assumingly working on bringing more content to the game, most of which was missing at the game’s launch. With today’s blog post, we hope that the company is shifting gears and becoming more open with its player-base.

Street Fighter V is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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