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Street Fighter V: New Update Delayed to July, Balrog Releases Alongside Ibuki

Capcom has its hands full with Street Fighter V. The new installment in the iconic fighting series is finding it difficult to match release schedules for upcoming content updates. The much touted June update for the game has now been confirmed to be pushed back by a bit, releasing on July 1 instead of this week.

Those following the game will be hardly surprised by the news. Ibuki was supposed to be released as DLC in May but was quietly delayed by Capcom. She is now pegged to land in the game’s roster next week. Fans, though, will be surprised to know that Capcom has decided to release the next character DLC Balrog with the same July update. That means players will be able to try out two new characters, rather than wait another month for Balrog to surface.

The upcoming update for Street Fighter V is going to bring in a new cinematic story mode, and several changes that fans have been requesting since the game’s release earlier this year. Perhaps the decision to release Balrog early had to do with Capcom’s series of delays and is compensation. Street Fighter V now has two more characters DLCs that will release this year: Juri and Urien.

Street Fighter V is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC. It is currently available on Steam for $40.19 at a 33 percent discount in light of the ongoing Steam Summer Sale. Those having faith in Capcom’s ability to pull this disastrous reception around can take advantage of the sale. That being said, the recent reviews for the game on Steam are not something to be proud of.

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