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Snapchat Funds “Real Life Magazine”, First Issue out This Month

Snapchat is starting a digital magazine called “Real Life Magazine” that will feature “essays, arguments and narratives about living with technology.”

Nathan Jurgenson, a Snapchat employee and social media theorist outlined the whole news in a blog post. He also mentioned that the magazine will have editorial independence in that it will function independently from Snapchat and it’s own team of Senior Editors (Rob Horning, Alexandra Molotkow, and Sarah Nicole Prickett) and Managing Editor Soraya King will have the final say.

The site will be headed by Nathan Jurgenson himself. Starting June 27, Real Life will feature one story every week day. It will be available on the web and not the app strangely enough unlike Snapchat’s “Discover” feature.

“I’ve argued that ‘online’ and ‘offline,’ like ‘body’ and ‘mind,’ aren’t like two positions on a light switch — a perspective I’ve called digital dualism,” said Nathan Jurgenson. “Instead, all social life is made of both information and material; it’s technological and human, virtual and real.”

The magazine will be launched on June 27 at Anthology Film Archives Cinema on 32 Second Avenue, New York, New York 10003 starting with a screening of the 1983 horror film Videodrome. The event is free but the venue has only 200 seats so the it’s first come, first serve only.

Jurgenson mentioned in his latest post titled ‘Real Life: Coming Soon’ that Videodrome, David Cronenberg’s masterpiece about people diving into television sets and self inserting betamax tapes, is decidedly the best film about humanity being effected by the internet. He also talked about REAL LIFE MAGAZINE in the 1980s being the only New York magazine “by and about artists”.

Snapchat is currently the most self indulgent app out there. It caters completely and absolutely to the compulsive need of the Millennials to post selfies and their own ‘stories’. It’s a bubble that is perfectly designed to make you think that the only life that matters out there is your own and that you have to compete with others to show how your life is better. Now this maybe the effect of all social networking apps and sites but Snapchat’s focused use of pictures and video has made it, without a doubt a tool for personal advertising and self glorification more than any other app out there.

To be fair to it, the app has done its part of highlight important issues like the merciless bombing of Palestine by the Israel and has shown millions around the world the festival of Hajj thereby bringing a new level of understanding to those unfamiliar with the Muslim faith. However, this new initiative to shed light on what it means to live in a world so affected by technology looks like a plot from a Phillip K. Dick novel or a short story by Ray Bradbury. It’s decidedly mature and seeks to add a layer of identity to Snapchat. It’s very apparent that Snapchat wants to be taken as seriously as the big boys in Social Networking and in the tech world in general.



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