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Samsung May Reveal Bendable Smartphones in Early 2017

Smartphone technology innovation has started to go flat, as data from IDC suggests a shipment growth rate of 3.1% this year, a noticeably lower percentage than 2015’s 10.5%. To break the trend, Samsung might have something new up its sleeve, as Bloomberg reports.

Samsung plans to introduce a pair of phones featuring bendable organic light-emitting diode screens, one of which will have a flip-phone-esque screen rumored to fold in half. The other model will have a more traditional 5-inch display, which will unfurl into an 8-inch tablet-like screen.

The devices, code-named “Project Valley” is expected to be unveiled early 2017, potentially being shown on CES or MWC trade shows. Samsung is one of the biggest innovators of the smartphone market, and this new technology may help pull back the earnings from last two years and get an advantage over Apple Inc.

“Their biggest obstacle was related to making transparent plastics and making them durable, which seems resolved by now.” — Lee Seung Woo

The device will still be an experimental release from Samsung to test the waters of bendable smartphones. Thus, it will certainly not be Samsung’s flagship, and will not be classified under its S series. A different series will be created for bendable smartphones.

Samsung’s OLED display tech is much more brighter, thinner and uses battery power more efficiently than regular LCD screens. Because of this, the company has high number of sales on OLED screens.

There have always been slight talks about foldable display technology, as seen in a 2014 concept Ad by Samsung, but due to hardware limitations ideas never took shape. Now, it seems as if the tech giant has finally found a way to make things work.

While they may not be curved, Apple’s new iPhone next year is expected to pack OLED displays with a bezel-free design, quite like the Galaxy S7 smartphone. Samsung plans to name the new Note device Note 7, skipping one version to bring the Note series in line with its flagship Galaxy S series.

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