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Rainbow Six: Siege Anti-Cheat Updated, Permanent Bans on First Offense

Ubisoft has grown weary of cheaters and hackers plaguing its beloved Rainbow Six: Siege game. Today, the studio has provided a statement to reveal that it’s taking new measures to battle against the scum which is just interested in ruining the game experience of other, legitimate players.

Effective immediately, Rainbow Six: Siege is going to hand permanent bans to anyone caught cheating or hacking. This also includes players caught on their first offense. Ubisoft will no longer grant any temporary suspension or show leniency just because this was your first time trying some illegal third-party software to again added advantage in-game.

“The presence of cheating in the game is something we take very seriously, and is a priority on the development team,” said Ubisoft on the game’s official website. “This update is one step among many that we are working on to better engage with the community on this issue.”

In light of this new update, the developer has updated the game’s code of conduct to reflect its new policies. Pertaining to the issue of cheating/hacking/modding: “Player is running a modified or otherwise unauthorized version of the game client or a third-party software which provides any sort of unfair advantage (wallhacks, aimhacks…) or causing detriment to other players’ experience: Maximum penalty is permanent ban on first offense.”

Additionally, Ubisoft has revealed that has made some modifications to the anti-cheat system of Rainbow Six: Siege as well. While it didn’t go into details, the developer revealed that it is currently “accessing and testing” various client-side options that will reduce the amount of cheaters and hackers in the game. More details have been promised once the system is ready to launch.

Do you think handing out permanent bans on first offenses is harsh? Ubisoft isn’t the only one doing it at this point. Blizzard announced a similar policy with the launch of Overwatch. In fact, the game went ahead to hand out permanent bans during its launch week. Now that’s commitment to keeping the playing field fair.

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