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Quake Champions Revitalizes the Iconic Quake Series on PC

Bethesda Softworks began its E3 2016 press conference today by revealing Quake Champions, a return to the iconic arena-based shooter Quake series which pits the humans against the hostile cybernetic alien race called Strogg.

The character-based shooter features a sizable roster of unique characters, each boasting a distinct toolset that players can use to decimate foes. According to the game’s director Tim Willits, Quake Champions has been designed to bring deep skill-based gameplay. The developer specifically has an eye on the eSports niche, and believes that the new game in the Quake series can birth a “competitive” environment for players to thrive in.

“The game features a diverse cast of warriors each with different attributes and unique abilities, allowing you to fight the way you want,” said Director Willits. “iD has a long tradition of supporting competitive tournaments. The game is designed for world-class eSports play at every level.”

Quake Champions is in development for PC only, and will incorporate features such as unlocked framerates and support for higher resolutions. That will surely bring a smile on long-time fans of the series. More details have been promised for the game at QuakeCon 2016 which will run from August 4-7.

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