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Project Scorpio Won’t Force 4K Support on Every Developer

Project Scorpio is being marketed by Microsoft as a very powerful version of Xbox One, featuring numerous improved capabilities and the ability to run games at 4K resolution. A certain consumer-base has been under the impression that the upcoming upgraded console model will be pumping every game with 4K support. However, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now clarified that to not be the case.

When asked on Twitter if developers can ditch support for high resolutions for a constant 60 frames-per-second experience with “massively upgraded” visuals on 1080p, Spencer replied, “We’ll talk more about this later, but we never said we’d mandate 4K frame buffer, we won’t.”

Project Scorpio will have the capabilities of running games at 4K resolution, but it is really going to come down on the game itself. We’ll have to wait and see just how well the console is going to fare with high-grade AAA titles. Naturally, you can’t expect every single game to run at such high resolutions without sacrificing certain elements.

According to Spencer, developers will be given the option to opt for performance. It goes without saying that many studios will be eying that glorious 60 frames-per-second threshold at full-HD, instead of 4K resolution with say 30 frames-per-second.

On that note, Spencer has cautioned everyone to not expect Project Scorpio to run every single game better. People shouldn’t assume that the same game running on Xbox One and Project Scorpio will be miles apart in terms of performance. Microsoft intends to talk more on this in the months to come, and has promised to be transparent for its consumers in this regard.

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