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PlayStation Neo Reportedly Launches in Fall 2016

Despite the absence of PlayStation Neo at E3 2016, Sony is reported to be planning an official launch later this year.

A new report from Digital Foundry cites several sources close to the matter, claiming that the upgrade to PlayStation 4 may arrive sooner than expected. A couple of weeks back, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Andrew House confirmed the existence of PlayStation Neo. However, he also stated that the console would not be making an appearance during the company’s press conference. This led many to believe that the upgrade would arrive sometime next year.

Considering that the new report is accurate, Sony could be planning to hold an exclusive event to announce the hardware later this year. This would also mean that Sony would enter the market a whole year before the launch of Project Scorpio.

Microsoft confirmed at its E3 2016 press briefing that the upgrade to its Xbox One console would launch in late 2017. This will give Microsoft a whole year to see how well PlayStation Neo fares and whether it should instigate some last minute changes to the upcoming Xbox One upgrade.

From the information given to us, Project Scorpio is going to be a substantial upgrade over the present Xbox One model. That being said, both it and Neo are basically aimed to provide optimal virtual reality experience. The new VR craze can prove to be taxing on current-generation hardware and hence, improved hardware will help both companies in catering to the VR fan-base.

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