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PlayStation Neo Enriches the PS4 Experience, Won’t Shorten Console Lifecycle

PlayStation Neo should be considered as a premium iteration of PlayStation 4 and won’t mark the end of the console’s lifecycle, says Sony.

In a recent interview with German website Gameswelt.TV, head of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida clarified that the release of an improved version of the console is simply going to divide the experience in terms of affordability. In other words, the standard PlayStation 4 model is going to remain as an affordable solution, while PlayStation Neo is going to cater to high-end users.

Sony has no plans to end the PlayStation 4 lifecycle anytime soon. The release of PlayStation Neo will also not hamper the standard console model in any way, nor it will alienate a specific group of consumers. All games released under the PlayStation banner will offer mandatory support for both console models. There will be no exclusive titles for PlayStation Neo. That being said, developers have the freedom to utilize Neo’s power to offer greatly improved versions, but at the same time can choose to stick to the standard PlayStation 4 experience.

Yoshida’s response will put many at ease who were wondering whether they will have to abandon their existing PlayStation 4 library and accessories with the release of Neo. Compatibility and support will be unified for both PlayStation 4 and Neo.

We are still without any details on an actual release date of the console. According to a recent report, Sony may be looking at a launch later this year. While that is pure speculation, Microsoft has already confirmed the release of Project Scorpio in fall 2017. If Neo does arrive in the market this year, it will enjoy a year-long period before facing any kind of competition from the Xbox family.

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