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Overwatch’s Anti-Cheat Proves Too Much for Cheaters

Even though Overwatch was released just a week ago, the game has been attracting hordes of cheaters on PC. However, even with its busy schedule, Blizzard is keeping a firm stance on the matter. The developer has been keeping a careful watch on the game’s proceedings and since launch has been handing out permanent bans to anyone caught using illegitimate third-party software to gain added advantage in-game.

That being said, Blizzard’s permanent bans go further than simply restricting the account in question. The developer is targeting the guilty user, prohibiting him/her from ever gaining access to Overwatch from the same system ever again.

Over on the game’s official forum, there are interesting confessions to be found. In once instance, a banned user has revealed that he was banned just one day after the official release for injecting hacks. Following that he bought Overwatch again, and proceeded to play cleanly. However, the system found him out and banned him for a second time two days later. The user went ahead to purchase the game for a third time but got locked out again. Finally, he resorted to playing from behind a VPN to hide himself, and took additional countermeasures by playing on a new hard drive, MAC address and BiosDate. Alas, even his fourth purchase of Overwatch ended up getting banned.

Blizzard has categorically stated that it will not provide a second chance to any guilty member. The moment you’re caught cheating in Overwatch is when you’re done playing that game ever again. “Our support staff will not overturn these closures and may not respond to appeals,” the company has stated.

It’s commendable to see any company be on such high alert from the moment of release. That being said, the cheating tools will eventually evolve for Overwatch and Blizzard will ultimately have to increase its own defenses to keep its player-base safe.

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