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Microsoft Teases E3 2016 Livestream Details

The official YouTube channel of Xbox has gone ahead today to upload a new video to inform us about the availability of a livestream during Microsoft’s E3 2016 showcasing.

According to the video, the stream will begin sharply on Monday, June 13 at 9:30 a.m. PST for those unable to attend the event in person. Alongside that, the video teased “exclusive announcements, trailer reveals, game demos, and interviews with game creators” all the way through June 14 and 15.

Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb and Phil Spencer both got into the fun by tweeting through their official accounts about sitting alongside each other, discussing the upcoming show and finalizing details. “We’ll see if Major gives us the thumbs up,” teased the Xbox boss, making sure not to share any more information.

It was well over a month ago when Microsoft dates its annual E3 2016 press conference. Since then, the company has been maintaining radio silence and leaving us to speculate what announcements are being prepared for us. We expect the company to talk more on the Xbox One’s Anniversary update and new features. Based on strong rumors, Microsoft is also preparing a special virtual reality showcasing for its beloved console.

There’s a “Special Forza Motorsport Event” in the mix; however, almost everyone will be more interested in seeing if Microsoft finally announces the much debated powerful iteration of the Xbox One console. Dubbed Xbox 1.5, the new model is said to be far more powerful than the current standard, enabling support for 4K resolution with the help of a more powerful graphics card and improved hardware.

E3 2016 holds special importance since every company has something incredible to showcase, that is if rumors are considered to be legitimate. Even Sony is expected to reveal a new PlayStation 4 model, dubbed the PS4K or PS4.5, or more recently outed to be PlayStation Neo.

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