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Microsoft Silently Introduces Surface Membership Plans

The original tablets by Microsoft in the Surface line-up failed to generate a stable audience for its devices, but with the release of Surface 3 & 4, Microsoft seems to be in the game finally. Although there is no official announcement, but there seems to be a subscription plan being rolled out by Microsoft for small businesses to buy Surface 3 & 4 tablets on a monthly basis.

There are three different plans available to small businesses, starting at the Surface 3 for $32.99 to $60 per month, the Surface Pro 4 for $51.99 to $190 per month and then the Surface Book for $79.99 per month.

These plans include in-store phone support “any day of the week”, member discounts for future purchases, personal trainings and more. You can choose your subscription plan, what features you want and the payment plan you will be using. If you opt to pay by monthly installations, you can spread out the payments in 18, 24 or 30 months. In addition to that, you get access to latest devices for free.

Apple introduced a similar iPhone upgrade program back in 2015, and Microsoft is making a smart decision by taking a similar approach.

“Surface Membership is financed through LiftForward, with easy monthly payment plans.”

The subscription plan is intended for small businesses and organizations, not for individuals. You will need to use LiftForward for financing options with the plan and must go through an approval process. Buying devices this way is more expensive than if you bought them individually, but the added bonus of extra features and flexibility offered by Microsoft are too momentous to disregard. In that respect, it is a good option for hardware updates for many businesses.

Kumail Pirzada
Ahmed Kumail Pirzada is a Karachi based life-long gamer and tech enthusiast. At only 18 years of age, being a high school graduate, Kumail has decent experience in freelance writing and volunteer writing. His interests lie in Esports, PC gaming and anything tech related; and keeps up to date with new projects around the world through his research skills.


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