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Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo Highly Unlikely to Release Consoles This Year

Recent revelations suggest Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft may release their latest consoles in 2017.

In the past, there have been rumors of Nintendo NX coming out in late 2016, or PS4.5 being launched this year. Microsoft’s Scorpio was also said to be in the works for an earlier launch. But all these rumors have proven false, as Nintendo outright claimed that Nintendo NX will not be out before spring 2017. Sony has confirmed that PS4.5 will not be showcased at E3, which definitely means that it might not be unveiled this year. As for Microsoft, they might not even have to say anything about Scorpio until next year.

Never in history have all three console powerhouses released their major consoles in the same year before; which means 2017 could be a very competitive year for hardware.

Due to this, to gain an audience in the market, Nintendo’s new console needs to be at par with the power and flexibility of the Scorpio and NEO consoles by Microsoft and Sony respectively. Even if power is not an issue, Nintendo must seek 3rd party developers to shift focus onto its new console as well.

Because of the leak of certain specifications of the NEO and Scorpio, it was found that Microsoft’s console may be more powerful than its rival. This may make up for the Xbox One being less powerful than the PS4. But now, as we know that it is highly unlikely that Sony will officially reveal the NEO/4.5/4k this year, the company may spend more time polishing the final product and giving it features to get an edge over Microsoft.

It is still unclear as to how these console upgrades will work. Andrew House from Sony briefly described that the upgrades will be similar to how new smartphone models are handled as they come out every year, but both Sony and Microsoft still have some explaining to do to. Next year, consumers will have to make tough decisions as all three companies, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will come out of the dark and present their new hardware.

Kumail Pirzada
Ahmed Kumail Pirzada is a Karachi based life-long gamer and tech enthusiast. At only 18 years of age, being a high school graduate, Kumail has decent experience in freelance writing and volunteer writing. His interests lie in Esports, PC gaming and anything tech related; and keeps up to date with new projects around the world through his research skills.


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