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Microsoft Has Now Produced 1 Million Xbox One Elite Controllers

Since it’s release in October last year, there has been a staunch demand for Xbox One Elite controllers. Even with the increased price point, as compared to standard controllers, and several reviews calling it as an unneeded peripheral, consumers from both the Xbox and PC family continue to empty out retailers with ease.

Eight months into its release, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has announced that Microsoft has successfully produced its millionth Xbox One Elite controller. This potentially means that there are 1 million Xbox One Elite controllers in the wild; either waiting on retailer-shelves, inside warehouses, or in the hands of consumers.

During the initial couple of months following its launch, the strong sales of the peripheral took even Microsoft by surprise. Throught the first quarter of the year, retailers were reporting a shortage in stock and Microsoft had to shift gears to increase production of the controller.

Built with premium quality and fineness, the controller offers multiple different customization options. The D-pad and analog sticks can be replaced entirely, while back paddles can be attached to take the place of buttons. You can essentially revamp the entire peripheral to suit your personal needs.

Recently at E3 2016, Microsoft announced a slick custom Xbox One Elite controller themed around Gears of War 4. Weapon icons are painted on top of the D-pad, and blood trails run on the back. It’s priced at $200, more expensive than the regular Elite version.

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