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League of Legends Generates $150 Million per Month

As a free-to-play game, you would be surprised to know just how far League of Legends has come and what revenue numbers it is currently crunching. Provider of data and insights on global games, the SuperData research firm has released a new report that reveals League of Legends to be generating an average of up to $150 million per month and $3 billion annually.

That’s just ridiculous, especially when considering that it is a free-to-play game. Thanks to the millions of its players purchasing cosmetic upgrades every day, League of Legends is now the highest grossing PC MMO game. In fact, the entire MOBA genre is experiencing exceptional growth and which is likely to continue through the year. Due to the immense contributions from games like League of Legends, and other popular free-to-play titles, the PC online gaming market is expected to rise 13 percent in 2016 to $19.8 billion in revenues.

The report also mentions a very interesting comparison of the spending habits of players in the Asian and Western regions. Players residing in the west have a tendency to spend more than asian players. However, Asia dominates in terms of audience size and overall revenue.

In terms of growth of the MMO market, more than a third of players quit the game or move on to other online titles after one-and-a-half years of game time. According to statistics gathered by SuperData, 84 percent of MMO players make a purchase within the first month. This makes it crucial for developers to maximize revenue from that lot in that specific time period. This is done through the introduction of new content that promotes engagement and manipulates the environment to decrease the likelihood of the player abandoning the game for another title. The report further marked that 34 percent of players leave because their friends stopped playing the game.

With the MMO market predicted to further rise in the coming years, League of Legends will only grow, even if many suspect the game to have hit its peak.

Via GamesIndustry

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