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Kojima Productions Announces Death Stranding, Featuring Norman Reedus

Sony’s E3 2016 press conference saw Hideo Kojima take the stage to announce Death Stranding as the first game from Kojima Productions, formed after his exit from Konami.

The teaser trailer is seemingly full of cryptic messages, showcasing a naked man played by The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus. There has to be a completely sane reason as to why Reedus is completely naked throughout this trailer. That being said, even more questions arise when seeing that Reedus is attached with a newborn baby by a mechanical umbilical cord.

In an interview following the announcement of the game, Kojima confirmed that Death Stranding has nothing to do with P.T. and the Kojima Productions logo. He also revealed that the game is currently very early in its development phase; hence, a release date is pretty far off. Guillermo del Toro is not involved with the project, and a game engine is yet to be determined. Without giving away anything, Kojima revealed that Death Stranding will feature a lot of “action” but will be “something completely different from what they’re used to”.

The legendary developer lastly stated that development of Death Stranding is “going at a good pace” and more information will be shared with fans once we approach closer to the launch window, which Kojima refrained from mentioning.

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