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HoloLens Gets Outlook Mail and Calendar Apps From Microsoft

Microsoft’s HoloLens is a very promising piece of technology. In the future when it is fully developed, it could be used to shape how we experience the world and our surroundings, but for now, we need to start at the basics. Keeping this in mind, on Friday, Microsoft announced that the Outlook Mail and Calendar apps will be available on the HoloLens. Anyone with a HoloLens developer edition can access it using the windows store.

With your HoloLens strapped on your head, you can now project your inbox on a wall, and customize it so it doesn’t look out of place. A similar set-up is offered by the Calendar app, which you can easily access through the device. The apps are similar to their Windows counterparts, except for some small interface changes.

The Outlook team claimed that it is eager to let the developers get their hands on the new apps. Both apps were developed on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and can be run by any Windows 10 device.

AR headsets still have a long way to go before they can be utilized in workplaces and professional environments, but once improvements are made, the HoloLens could definitely serve as a practical gadget for many people working in offices.

Only the developer version of the headset is available currently, starting at a price of $3,000 to those developers who apply online to Microsoft. As the first units started shipping in March, developers have continued to work on them and we can start seeing a bunch of new apps and functionality being available for Microsoft’s HoloLens in a few months.

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