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Here’s Why Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cannot Be Gifted During Steam Summer Sale

The much awaited Steam Summer Sale commenced yesterday and surprisingly saw Valve refusing to allow users to purchase Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a gift for others.

Apparently, the inability to gift the game to your friends is going to carry through the Steam Summer Sale, causing many to wonder why. Today, Valve has issued an official statement to explain the developer’s decision.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will not be giftable during the sale. Our goal with sales is to grow the community and historically, during sales, the new users that stick around are mainly the ones that purchase copies for themselves.

The statement is quite vague to say the least. Many on Reddit and other online forums dedicated to the game believe that Valve has taken the step to prevent shady third-party websites from buying game keys in bulk and then reselling them later through platforms like G2A.

Such sellers have been the subject of controversy lately. Many indie developers have complained how such platforms end up selling millions of copies of their games, with zero profits being sent to the developers.

On the other hand, websites like G2A have an extremely strong consumer-demand because of cheap rates on new games. A title on Steam, Origin, or Uplay can essentially be found on G2A at half the price.

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